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We provide specialised services designed to support victims in coping and recovering, whilst empowering them to have their voices heard—both individually and collectively—on local and national platforms.

Wether you are looking for support, information or advice, our trained specialist pshycologists and lawyers are ready to help.

Free for all

Because mental health is just as important as physical health, and everyone deserves to understand themselves better.

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Works on all devices, through chat, audio and video counselling. Legal and mental health support whenever you need it.

Anonymous + secure

Designed by victims & survivors, we value your data and security. Feel free to stay anonymous during counselling session.

We can help you cope with the emotional impact of harassment.
We can help you in navigating the criminal justice system.

Putting Victims & Survivors at the Heart of everything we do

Our support and campaigns are informed and shaped by them and their experiences.

We provide specialist services to help people cope and recover and to empower them to ensure their voices are heard individually and collectively at a local and national level.

Partnering with over 100+ Institutions

to raise public awareness on sexual harassment, cyberbullying & digital literacy

Preventing Harassment & Cyberbullying

Learn more about different types of harassment, the support you can get and how to report harassment.

Protecting Yourself - Cybersecurity 101

The internet has revolutionised the way we live our lives – enabling us to read the news, enjoy entertainment, work, buy and sell, shop, network, learn, and carry out many other everyday tasks. However, there are a number of risks associated with going online. Learn more about online protection and online risks.

Mental Health - Experts Answers

The topic of mental health is no longer taboo, and more of us are joining the conversation. But many of us still have questions. We gathered most difficult questions and answers from licensed psychologists.

It's not your fault

There is hope. There is help.

Our friendly trained counsellors will believe you,
offer you non-judgmental emotional support,
practical advice and information.

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