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Counselling with licensed professionals
You can engage in counselling anonymously with our licensed psychologists and attorneys.
Peer Counseling
Feeling reluctant to talk to individuals outside your age group? Explore free counselling with a fellow young person here, as openly and comfortably as you'd like
Online Harasment Help Center
Our Online Harassment Help Center works closely with two major social media platforms, TikTok and Meta, to prevent online abuse. We provide information and support regarding the removal of intimate images that have been spread online.
Online Gender Based Violence FAQ
Our Rethink campaign - a rapid "self-help" guide to keep you thinking and informed about the implications of potential intimate interactions
Relationship Health Check
Navigating the complexities of relationships can be challenging. Love should be positive and supportive, but how can you be sure? Unhealthy dynamics often manifest through unkind, disrespectful, controlling, or abusive behaviour. Enter our Relationship Health Check bot – a virtual guide to help you assess the health of your relationship. Answer a few questions, and our AI chat-bot will provide insightful analysis to empower you in understanding the dynamics of your relationship.