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From COVID-19 concerns to corrective actions to bullying and any misconduct activities, Bullyid Reporting Platform dramatically improves the efficiency of HR workflows and reduces bias in how employees and HR communicate.

With the rise of harassment both online and offline within the institutions’ peers and colleagues, essential support systems should be easy to access. Join the leaders who understand how to provide the psychological health and safety of everyone in the institutions.

Mental health and legal guidance when your people need it.

No wait. No travel.

Reveal and resolve misconduct in your workplace, universities, schools or communities

Anonymous real-time reporting platform

Immediate psychological support

On-demand legal support

Create an ethical and compliant culture

Expose Fraud

Reduce Bribery & Corruption

Whistleblowing & Regulation

Ethics & Compliance

Reduce Physical Harassment

Address Verbal Bullying

Eliminate Discrimination

Ensure Personal Safety

Ready to revolutionize misconduct reporting at your institution?

Report any misconduct activities anytime

Secure and Confidential

Licensed and accredited psychologists and lawyers

Making Bullyid part of your HR toolkit or grievance policy shows due diligence in maintaining a healthy workplace. You may receive more complaints, but we think that’s a good thing, it likely indicates that your employees feel comfortable enough to report inappropriate behaviour when it happens.

Having reliable records of what happened also means that you can address complaints more easily than if faced with vague allegations. Encouraging reporting, and taking those reports seriously, may also provide your organization with extra legal protection.

Protecting institution’s reputation and
improve productivity


Productivity at work increased by 36%


Comorbid anxiety symptoms decreased by 50%


Hours of missed work
over 7-day period following treatment decreased by 50%

Now it’s your turn to take the next step toward a healthier institution and happier people.

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Join us this summer for a love-filled celebration of diversity, equality, and the Rexville LGBTQ community. A great festival to celebrate, discuss and show diversity, culminating in the Rexville Pride Parade!

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