Housing more than 7,707 individuals as of 2020, Indonesia has welcomed refugees and asylum seekers from around the world. Since becoming an observer state in the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) in 1991, the country is open for those seeking safety and protection. However, those who leave a place they called home for a less familiar one face substantial challenges. While they are able to receive protection from the government, refugees and asylum seekers have limited access to gaining income, education, and healthcare. Furthermore, refugees and asylum seekers often face xenophobia (dislike or prejudice against people perceived as “foreign”) due to their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Coupled with the uncertainty of their future due to protracted displacement, these issues contribute negatively to their wellbeing. As reported by IOM Indonesia, there has been a 29% rise in referrals for psychological services among refugees and asylum seekers in 2021 compared to that in 2020. They often face issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and more.

To address these long-standing issues, BULLYID is partnering with IOM Indonesia in developing our newest project: Since March 2023, has been providing 24/7 online counselling service for IOM-registered refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia. As a WebRtC-based website, it can be easily accessed from any gadget. Users are able to connect with trained counsellors and psychologists via text or voice call. The service also provides live translators in Arabic, Farsi, Rohingya, and Tamil. With end-to-end encryption, conversations between users and counsellors are safe from third parties, thus protecting their privacy.

With the creation of, Bullyid Indonesia and IOM Indonesia are committed to developing an impactful psychological counselling platform that caters to the unique needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Aside from online counselling, we are planning to expand our services in the near future. For more information and updates, visit our website at

Project Objectives

Improve Access to Mental Health Resources: To expand the availability of mental health resources and self-help tools within the platform, making it easier for refugees and asylum seekers to find help even outside of counselling sessions.

Expand Psychological Support Tools: Develop and integrate additional self-help and educational materials tailored to the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, aimed at promoting self-care and mental resilience.

Enhance Cultural Sensitivity: To strengthen counsellors and psychologists in cultural competency to better understand and address the diverse backgrounds of refugees and asylum seekers, ensuring that the support provided is respectful and tailored to individual needs.

Main Activities

24/7 online support for refugees and asylum seeker (multilingual)

Relevant Laws & Regulations

  • As stated by UNHCR, the body of customary international law and international instruments establishing standards for refugee protection. The cornerstone of refugee law is the 1951 Convention and its 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees. International refugee law, international human rights law, and international humanitarian law complement each other.