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We provide specialised services designed to support victims in coping and recovering, whilst empowering them to have their voices heard—both individually and collectively—on local and national platforms.

Whether you are looking for support, information or advice, our trained specialist psychologists and lawyers are ready to help.

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Because mental health is just as important as physical health, and everyone deserves to understand themselves better.

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Works on all devices, through chat, audio and video counselling. Legal and mental health support whenever you need it.

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Designed by victims & survivors, we value your data and security. Feel free to stay anonymous during counselling session.

We can help you cope with the emotional impact of harassment.
We can help you in navigating the criminal justice system.

Putting Victims & Survivors at the Heart of everything we do

We provide specialist services to help people cope and recover and to empower them to ensure their voices are heard individually and collectively at a local and national level.

If you’re navigating the challenges of online gender-based violence, we’re here to offer practical tips and advice to empower you.

Partnering with over 200+ Institutions

to raise public awareness on sexual harassment, Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence & digital literacy


We've empowered over 75,000+ individuals with our comprehensive psychological, legal, and technological support services.


We've forged partnerships with over 200+ schools, universities, organizations, institutions, and corporations, to take a stand against harassment and online gender based violence.


Our digital platforms, educational modules, and outreach efforts have directly benefited more than 220,000+ individuals, including kids, young people, women, parents, teachers, students, and more, showcasing our commitment to widespread impact.

Helpline.id is an initiative by Bullyid Indonesia in collaboration with IOM. Offering 24/7 online counseling services tailored for refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia. Helpline.id is part of a commitment to address the mental health challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia.

Cyber Safety for Kids project addresses the increased online activity among children due to the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the accompanying risks such as cyberbullying and online abuse.

Safe Ride Jakarta, aims to combat sexual harassment on public transportation. With troubling statistics indicating high rates of sexual violence against women and minors in public spaces, this project focuses on raising awareness, educating the youth, and implementing reporting mechanisms.

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