Shaping the Next Internet Phase: Bullyid Indonesia’s Impactful Contribution to APrIGF 2023’s Synthesis Document

In the evolving digital landscape, the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum 2023 (APrIGF 2023) unfolded as a pivotal conclave, amalgamating perspectives, challenges, and innovative solutions pertinent to the internet’s future. Held from August 29-31, in a hybrid format, both virtually and physically in Brisbane, Australia, the forum placed the spotlight on an essential query: “Emerging Technologies – Is Asia Pacific Ready for the Next Phase of the Internet?“.

Bullyid Indonesia, steadfast in its commitment to creating safe digital spaces and combating online harassment, was honored to actively participate and contribute to the critical dialogues at APrIGF 2023. Our Founder and Executive Director, Agita Pasaribu, not only brought to the table the pivotal perspective of safeguarding digital citizens in the context of emerging technologies but also significantly contributed to the forum’s Trust aspect, culminating in the much-anticipated Synthesis Document.

The Synthesis Document, now available to the APAC community here, serves as a comprehensive compilation of the multifaceted discussions, proposed solutions, and collective visions of internet governance that resonated across the forum. It encapsulates insights from multifarious stakeholders, embodying the essence of collaborative digital governance.

In the context of Trust, Bullyid Indonesia appraised the indispensable role of establishing and nurturing digital confidence amongst users, particularly emphasizing the vulnerabilities and exigencies encountered by youth and marginalized communities online. With technological advancements and the internet weaving into the socio-economic and cultural fabric of our societies, ensuring a safe, respectful, and inclusive digital environment becomes paramount.

Bullyid Indonesia, through our ceaseless endeavors, has been pioneering in offering a helping hand to victims of online harassment and bullying in Indonesia. Our approach encompasses not only providing immediate psychological and legal aid but also structuring a supportive community where individuals find solace, empathy, and empowerment amidst their tribulations. This ethos resonated in our contributions to the APrIGF 2023, where we underscored the imperatives of user safety, mental health, legal redresses, and supportive networks in the digital sphere.

In the kaleidoscopic discussions at the forum, we navigated through topics including but not limited to, data protection, privacy, cybersecurity, digital literacy, and the ethical implications of emerging technologies. Particularly in the Asia Pacific region, which is a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures, socio-economic statuses, and digital maturity, creating an internet governance framework that is universally applicable yet locally relevant is a complex but necessary undertaking.

Bullyid Indonesia’s contribution mirrored our on-ground experiences and the stories of countless individuals who’ve navigated through the tumultuous waters of online harassment. It brought to light the actualities of digital interactions, the starkness of online abuses, and the consequential psychological impacts. The Synthesis Document, therefore, not only became a repository of strategic dialogues but also a reflection of the lived realities of digital citizens.

As we forge ahead, the dialogues and resolutions stemming from APrIGF 2023 will serve as pivotal reference points in shaping our actions, strategies, and advocacies. The forum underscored the coalescence of technological advancements and human-centric approaches in sculpting a digital future that is safe, inclusive, and empowering.

It is quintessential that as we stride into the next phase of the internet, we carry forward the learnings, collaborations, and commitments from platforms like APrIGF, ensuring that the digital realms we create and inhabit are reflective of our collective aspirations for safety, dignity, and respect for all.

In closing, Bullyid Indonesia extends heartfelt gratitude to the organizers and contributors of APrIGF 2023. The forum not only provided a platform to voice concerns and solutions but also fostered an environment where every perspective, every challenge, and every proposed solution became a stitch in the expansive tapestry of global internet governance.

We continue to stand firm, weaving our experiences, expertise, and empathy into actions that safeguard, empower, and uplift digital citizens, ensuring that as we step into the future, no individual is left behind in the digital divide.