Tech Advocate Agita Pasaribu Illuminates the Role of Youth in the Digital Economy at CGTN Davos Panel

DAVOS – [JAN, 13] – Ahead of the highly anticipated annual World Economic Forum, Agita Pasaribu, founder of the award-winning tech charity Bullyid App and Trustee at NMA Foundation, joined a distinguished panel on CGTN to discuss the burgeoning role of youth in shaping the digital economy.

During the session titled “Discussing Youth Power in the Digital Age at Davos 2024,” Pasaribu highlighted the critical juncture at which the digital economy intersects with youth creativity and participation. Addressing a global audience, she underscored the transformative power of young minds in harnessing technology for social good, and the importance of fostering inclusive digital landscapes.

“As we convene at this year’s Forum, the dialogue around the digital economy is more pertinent than ever. With Indonesia ranking sixth globally for the highest number of startups, it’s clear that our youth are pivotal to driving innovation,” said Pasaribu. “Yet, we face the challenge of bridging the gender disparity in STEM and ensuring that advancements like AI contribute positively to our collective future.”

Agita Pasaribu, with her legal background and expertise in cyber law, has been at the forefront of advocating for safer online spaces and equal opportunities within the tech industry. Her work with UNESCO’s Youth AI Ethics Steering Committee and her leadership at the NMA Foundation reflects her commitment to empowering the next generation of digital citizens.

During the panel, Pasaribu also touched on the evolving landscape of employment in the age of AI, the essential role of digital literacy, and the opportunities and challenges faced by young people in the digital economy. She called for a collaborative approach, emphasizing that “integrating ethical considerations and human creativity with AI is imperative for a future where technology uplifts humanity.”

As CGTN’s Davos 2024 panel concluded, Pasaribu’s insights into leadership, bridging generational gaps, and her vision for a more inclusive and ethical digital future resonated with leaders and changemakers worldwide.

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