International Women’s Day #WhereWomenWork with

Background:Perempuan masih menghadapi sejumlah rintangan dalam dunia pekerjaan.Baik dari kesempatan kerja, pemenuhan hak di tempat kerja hingga pelecehan di tempat kerja. Padahal, perempuan memiliki hak untuk hidup aman dan bebas dari pelecehan.

Bullyid Indonesia committed to work for creating the environment where women feel safe and sound in the workplace. In this special occasion, we invite people who aware with gender based violence issue to participate in campaign for protecting women and empowering #womenatwork. The beneficiaries of this campaign are women who are being advocated to be protected at work place.

Result: This campaign was participated by more than 100 campaigners at mobile application and left impressions of 678 bullyidapp followers on instagram. The output of this campaign is to empower women that they can be anything and create the awareness for women that their rights are protected anywhere, especially at the workplace.