Nur El Ikhsan, BBM., MAMS., MBA

As the CEO of Asha Corp, Intan leads a company that places a strong emphasis on Education, CSR, and Business Sustainability. With a background in mining engineering, specializing in mining economics, Intan has acquired extensive experience in various roles, including as a Mining Engineer, Head of Pricing, and Head of Monetization across a range of diverse industries. Her forte lies in optimizing resources for profitability, conducting in-depth financial analysis, and driving revenue growth. Intan harbors a deep-seated passion for business sustainability and fostering innovation. She has consistently demonstrated her capacity as a leader and team player, effectively striking a balance between technical and business aspects to achieve success.

Having amassed over a decade of experience in industries such as Mining, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Startups, and Academia, Intan has consistently excelled in managing teams, developing systems, handling complex commercial matters, and propelling business growth.