Idham Raihutama

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Idham Raihutama is a passionate professional with a diverse background in NGO activism, entrepreneurship, and education for more than 10 years. His unique ability to navigate complex social issues has helped him make significant contributions in driving social change and inspiring positive transformations. Idham’s work has been instrumental in raising awareness, implementing effective intervention strategies, and fostering inclusive and empathetic communities. Idham’s leadership in creating safe spaces and supporting those affected by abuse has earned them a well-deserved reputation as a respected figure in the field.

With his diverse background, Idham possesses a unique skill set and a broad perspective. His strategic thinking, leadership abilities, and ability to navigate complex social issues make him an invaluable asset to any organisation. Driven by a genuine passion for social justice, Idham remains committed to making a lasting impact. He continues to uplift marginalised voices, collaborate with others, and work tirelessly towards creating a more inclusive and harmonious society.