How can we make unavoidable situations like moving or starting a new job less stressful?

First off, let’s stop judging ourselves for feeling frazzled over this.

All life transitions cause stress, so if you’re feeling anxious or irritable or you’re losing sleep, keep in mind that these are totally understandable reactions to what you’re going through✨

There’s nothing wrong with you, and you aren’t a terrible person who just “can’t cut it.”

Still, you can make big moments like this easier to navigate (logistically and emotionally) by pacing yourself.

❣️ Try breaking down everything that needs to get done into smaller, more doable chunks.

❣️Then pick one or two tasks to focus on each day. For instance, if you’re moving, maybe Day 1 is finding a moving company, Day 2 is about gathering supplies, Day 3 is about tackling the black hole that is your closet, and so on. Or if you just started a new job, try picking one or two responsibilities to master each week—or asking your boss for a list of priorities so you know what to handle first.

You’ll feel much less overwhelmed when you can focus on one thing at a time, rather than thinking about everything that’s ahead of you.

Humans aren’t meant to go through transitions alone, so reach out to friends, loved ones, neighbours, coworkers, whatever—even if it’s just to vent for 10 minutes. While you’re chatting, don’t be afraid to ask for help! It may feel scary and vulnerable in the moment, but knowing there are people in your corner during this time will do wonders for your stress levels.
— Emily Hu, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist at Thrive Psychology in Los Angeles, California
Source: Wondermind