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We are seeking partners whose values and ethos are compatible with our visions, and with whom we can ensure victims receive the services they need to begin rebuilding their lives.

Bullyid is the leading independent charity in Indonesia that supports people with free mental health support and legal knowledge for those who are affected by cyberbullying, physical and/or online abuse or traumatic incidents. 

Physical and online abuse have lasting emotional, social, and psychological effects, often leaving those affected feeling afraid and isolated. We advocate for victims’ rights and needs, aiming to make their voices heard, and we work tirelessly to ensure those affected by crime receive the support they need and the respect they deserve.

Bullyid working to help people feel safer and find the strength to move beyond crime.

How can we partner?

University Bullyid
University students from faculty of psychology and faculty of law required internship or KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) program to fulfil their study requirements. Bullyid provides University students an online platform to do their internship or KKN program using our platform. 
University would like to provide a virtual internship scheme for the students with full supervision from the Faculty Department/Lectures. Bullyid provides a simple and transparent system for every intern to  conduct their virtual internship scheme. 
University would like to provide free mental health support for students and receive analysis reports to understand better how to deliver a better academic environment. Bullyid provides a dedicated page for University partners with its logo so every student from University partner can go to the Page to receive mental health support and legal knowledge anonymously.
University would like make sure all students in a good well-being condition during “study-from-home” due to COVID-19. Bullyid provides online training for University students prior to their internship program starts and certificate of completion after completing the virtual internship scheme.
Bullyid provides the Faculty Department/Lecture/Supervisor with a comprehensive report for every single student (intern).
Bullyid provides monthly reports for overall students’ claims/reports using their dedicated University page to receive mental health support and legal knowledge.

Submit an application online.

You may email us at for further details.

About Prider

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