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How CEOs can support employee mental health in a crisis?

Based on Harvard Business Review, business leaders are justifiably focused on the here and now of the Covid-19 pandemic, but there’s a looming second-order mental health crisis that is only beginning to emerge as a result of global quarantines and a massive, sudden shift to working from home. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 75% of people say they feel more socially isolated, 67% of people report higher stress, 57% are feeling greater anxiety, and 53% say they feel more emotionally exhausted, according to a global study of over 2,700 employees across more than 10 industries undertaken by Qualtrics and SAP during March and April 2020.

As humans we can handle change, but we do not do well with uncertainty. Given the enormous uncertainty everyone is facing —economically, personally, and professionally — these mental health statistics are as predictable as they are alarming.

Talking about mental health is not a one and done conversation. One way to help people deal with uncertainty is by providing consistency, especially in how and when you communicate. When it comes to the pandemic, more than 90% of people said they wanted at least weekly communication from their company; 29% said they prefer daily communication. 

When it comes to discussing mental health specifically, employees who say their manager is not good at communicating are 23% more likely to experience mental health declines.

How Bullyid can help your company?

Bullyid is the leading independent charity in Indonesia that supports people with free mental health support and legal knowledge for those who are affected by cyberbullying, physical and/or online abuse or traumatic incidents, either at home, school, universities, workplace or online.

Physical and online abuse have lasting emotional, social, and psychological effects, often leaving those affected feeling afraid and isolated. We advocate for victims’ rights and needs, aiming to make their voices heard, and we work tirelessly to ensure those affected by crime receive the support they need and the respect they deserve.

Bullyid working to help people feel safer and find the strength to move beyond crime. Being a partner will give you affiliation with a charity that has a well-established presence across Indonesia, encourage your employees to receive mental health support and legal knowledge from us and provide valuable opportunities to reach new audiences through the work we do with local communities. 

In the same time, partnering with us will help you reach new audiences, and provide you with cause-related marketing and commercial opportunities. Linking your brand or product to Bullyid will help increase sales and build customer engagement and loyalty. We will work together to ensure that any venture is innovative, exciting, and mutually beneficial.

Do you wish to provide mental health support and legal knowledge for your employees?
Do you wish to receive monthly reports on of your employee’s well-being, so you may improve your company’s environment?
Do you wish to have dedicated online live chat for your company with your company logo on Bullyid website?

Submit your interest in here or email us at if you have any questions related.

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