Our live chat service is available for people in Indonesia. It gives you the chance to talk to our trained supporters online and in confidence. We want you to have the best possible experience, so we’ve come up with a few ‘house rules’ to let you know what you can expect, and how we can help.

What you can expect from us

  • You’ll have the opportunity to talk online safely and in confidence, and to choose what you tell us.
  • You’ll not be asked with your name or identity unless you want to share, our live chat is completely anonymous.
  • You’ll be able to get support regardless of the type of crime you have experienced, when it happened or whether or not it has been reported to the police.
  • You’ll speak (through live chat) to one of our trained supporters, who will listen to you respectfully and sensitively.
  • Anything you say to us will be kept in confidence, and all your information will be safe and secure. 
  • We’ll ask you if you have received our help before, or are just receiving help now, so that we can ensure that you get the appropriate support.
  • We’ll help you find the right information and support. This might be through Bullyid, or with your consent, we can put you in touch with one of our partners to provide specialist support.

Some things we can’t do

  • We’re not a counselling service; however, we will always listen to you, and if you do want counselling, we will help you find a service near you.
  • Once you leave live chat, even if this is due to a loss of mobile signal or internet connection, any live chat session you start again will count as a new, separate conversation and may be with a different trained supporter.
  • All of our supporters have received special training to support people However, if we cannot provide the specialist help you need, with your consent we can refer you to a specialist partner agency to get the support you need.
  • We’ll never discuss previous conversations you or anyone else has had with us over live chat, to ensure that anything you have shared with us previously is kept confidential.
  • Our trained supporters will help you find the information you need. We can’t provide legal advice but will help you access legal support and legal knowledge if you need it.
  • It’s crucial that live chat is a safe experience for both our users and our trained supporters. We won’t tolerate abusive behaviour towards our supporters and will block users that are misusing live chat or being abusive.
  • When you join live chat, you’ll be allocated to the next available supporter. This could be a man or woman, and we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to speak to someone of your preferred gender. 

Feedback and complaints

We want to give everyone using our live chat service the best possible experience. You can give us feedback at to help us achieve this or make a complaint if you’re unhappy.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Everyday from 10am to 8pm (GMT+7)